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Supply Chain Management Articles:

 About International Procurement: Freight Prepaid and related incotermsAbout the Push-Pull view of Supply Chain process

A Logistic Control System : KanbanInternational Procurement: Highlights on some essential incoterms

Supply Chain Security: An OverviewAbout LogisticsAbout Supply Chain Management Certification Programs:

About Supply Chain Drivers:

 The Value Chain and Business strategy

What are the objectives of a typical supply chain?What is a green supply chain?

What Is A Supply Chain?

Market Access Initiative for the less developed countries (LDC) and related Issues: A Canada perspective (Part-1)

Market Access Initiative for the less developed countries (LDC) and related Issues: A Canada perspective (Part-2)

 Cycle View of a Supply Chain   –A Short discussion on Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen especially in the context of Apparel Supply Chain

Box Logistics, Containerization, Ports andShipping network: A Discussion on Global Supply Chain perspective

Bonded Warehouse and Supply Chain Management issues(Part-1):

-Bonded Warehouse and Supply Chain Management issues (Part-2): Facts of Transportation in a Logistical perspective:

-Highlights on some Bangladesh issues:

 Supply Chain education & certification:Highlights on curriculum and other related issues :

-The Role of a Supply Chain Manager: a short discussion-A

Company’s overall success :Achieving strategic fit

Supply Chain Management Career: A Discussion in general

Understanding Revenue Management in a Supply Chain Management Perspective:

Understanding the “Reverse Logistics” concept and implications in Supply Chain Management:

About Supply Chain Management in the perspective of port mechanism:

A discussion about basic steps of Leadership and Management of Procurement :

Supply Chain Management and its Drivers:

 –Procurement process in supply chain management: Identifying the desired focus

A discussion about exporting goods and the global supply chain in general:

Zara Supply Chain Management: A retailing organization

About the Gold Supply Chain Management: A brief discussion

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