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Supply Chain education & certification: Highlights on curriculum and other related issues :

Introduction: ISCEA is the world leader in Supply Chain education , certification & different recognition programs e.g. Certified Supply Chain Manager(CSCM), Certified Supply Chain Analyst(CSCA),Post graduate diploma in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM) etc. In this blog article will discuss about CSCM, CSCA & PGDSCM so that those who are interested in Supply Chain Education and …

About Supply Chain Management Certification Programs:


Introduction:  According To Some Scholars, Skills/Competencies Of Supply Chain Professionals Are Technical Proficiency In  Some Discrete Areas, Such As, Familiarity With Logistics, Warehousing Equipments, Distribution Centers, Freight Issues Etc. Key Supply Chain Professional’s Skills /Competencies Include Global Orientation, Knowledge About Various Systems, And Leadership Issues. And Superior Business Skills.At The Minimum Level, They Should Have An Understanding Of Business Continuity Basics/Organization’s …