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Supply Chain Management Career: A Discussion in general


In a case study, based on USA-based companies, first-level management is of about 0-4 years.To understand the supply chain management career we can remind ourselves about the example of leaf cutter ants.But Supply Chain Managers attempt and optimize the steps to produce the necessary amount of product and deliver the product to the end user at the right time when consumers need it.APICS, Founded in 1957 as American Production and Inventory Control Society and re-branded as The Association for Supply Chain Management in 2018, launched their CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) programme in 2006. Institute for Supply Management, Founded in 1915 as the National Association of Purchasing Agents, launched its CPSM Certified Professional in Supply Management programme in 2008. Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Founded in 1963 as the Council of Logistics Management, launched their SCPro programme in 2011.For Supply Chain Management roles, “Process Engineer”, and “Supply Chain Analyst”.For Supply Chain Systems Manager roles, “ Supply Chain Manager”, Vice President, Supply Chain Management”.For Sales and Customer Service roles, “Account Specialist”/ “Customer Service”, “Customer Service Manager”, “Account Manager/Supply Chain Sales” etc.

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Introduction:  According To Some Scholars, Skills/Competencies Of Supply Chain Professionals Are Technical Proficiency In  Some Discrete Areas, Such As, Familiarity With Logistics, Warehousing Equipments, Distribution Centers, Freight Issues Etc. Key Supply Chain Professional’s Skills /Competencies Include Global Orientation, Knowledge About Various Systems, And Leadership Issues.…