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Hello, Supply Chain Management community, and enthusiasts!

We’re thrilled to have you here. As you know, we call our blog “schain24”. A big reason for this is because this blog is publishing Supply Chain Management related articles, SCM events continuously .

We are here to help you inform about top Supply Chain issues and that’s the main aim of “schain24”.We are here to help you informed about supply chain ideas, practices and innovations. As a result, this is your forum for real-time conversations about industry trends that are impacting your business, best practices and market insights around the supply chain.

Besides learning with “schain24”, we hope, you also will hear from other industry experts and peers about Supply Chain Management. Through this, you will get your hands on the pulse of the industry to arm you with the related information you need to take your study and business to the next level. You  will also get news, practical advice, expertise and insight into the latest events in supply chain and a chance to engage in conversation with other experts and practitioners.

We want to hear from our global community and learn about your pain points and approaches to solving key supply chain challenges. So, join the conversation, tell us what you think about the topics we cover and provide feedback to help us continually improve and evolve the blog. We’re listening and ready to engage in dialogue!


All About Supply Chain Management

The blogger(s) has visited some apparel manufacturing companies in Bangladesh and conducted a no. of training programs related to Supply Chain. He involved in a number of projects related to ERPs related to Supply Chain also.

All about Supply Chain Management blog , launched in 2012, is one of the popular blogs on Supply Chain Management theories and issues. The purpose of the site is to help you to know inside of the Supply Chain, how-to-do guides of the common things that good manufacturing companies follow, tools and techniques to do your job in a better way.

I encourage discussion on Supply Chain Management industry professionals and students for your questions, answer to questions posted by other members.

You can send him email at [ikramullah.videos@gmail.com] for any query and related issues.

“schain24” welcomes intelligent discussion and debate from our community. We insist that I must express all comments in a mature and civil tone of voice. Individuals posting rude or otherwise inappropriate material will lose their access to the discussion to not post your comment a second time. If you have questions, please email us at ikramullah.videos@gmail.com

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