Unveiling Amazon’s Digital Supply Chain Strategies: A Case Study

  Abstract Amazon’s digital supply chain is a technological marvel, integrating software and hardware to connect every link of the chain, from suppliers to customers. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to predict stock needs with precision, ensuring products are available when customers want them. Amazon’s fulfillment centers feature robots and human workers, enhancing efficiency and reducing mistakes. Amazon […]

About the Push-Pull view of Supply Chain Process ।

The Supply Chain processes start cases with the express market needs, which pushes research and development, which pushes production and production pushes marketing to meet the already expressed demand. If the customer orders are speculative and order execution is initiated based on anticipation, then the Supply Chain process is under the “Push” process. Demand is not filled from finished product inventory but from production. In Logistic Chains or supply chains, the stages are operating normally in both a “Push” and “Pull” manner. The Supply Chain processes start sometimes with research and development, which pushes Production. The execution of the Supply Chain process is reactive to customer demand. 

How Reverse Logistics impacts on Supply Chain Management |

Returns avoidance, gate keeping, disposal and other supply chain issues are related with reverse logistics. The product may need to travel in reverse through the entire supply chain network to retain use of any service from the defective goods. There are closed loop supply chain networks that include returns processing and manufacturer has the intention to capture additional value and integrate all supply chain activities. Usually, asset based three 3PLs work as third party who are specialized in waste management and related activities. Reuse of manufactured and sold goods After sales service and returns management are sometimes related to the logistic companies. 

What is the Role of Inventory in Supply Chain Management?

Abstract   In Supply Chain Management (SCM), efficient inventory management is the result of a combination of interdependent procedures that work together to promote robustness and efficiency. Making wise decisions is necessary for inventory optimization in order to preserve equilibrium, reduce carrying costs, and avoid stockouts. Warehouse management uses sophisticated warehouse management systems and tools like SAP MM to guarantee […]

IMAFS The Inventory Optimization Software

Abstract IMAFS the inventory optimization software helps knowledge gathering areas, such as, solution oriented and stock availability management, best practices in inventory management, support from experts, evolution of ROI before implementation and simplify integration, proven and rigorous implementation methodology using cloud/SAAS mode, continuous improvement with R&D, and user-friendly, integration manual parameters also. A poor delivery performance can affect consumption history.A […]

What is a Supply Chain Management Job and Career?

Abstract In a case study, based on US-based companies, first-level management is of about 0-4 years. To understand the supply chain management job and career we can remind ourselves about the example of leaf cutter ants. APICS, founded in 1957 as American Production and Inventory Control Society and re-branded as The Association for Supply Chain Management in 2018, launched their […]

What is drop shipping: a supply chain distribution network option |

In drop-sip model, product is shipped directly from manufacturer end bypassing a retailer. Benefits of aggregation can be achieved, if the manufacturer can keep some of its inventory at the retailer end on and as needed basis. In addition, drop-shipping offers manufacturer an opportunity to postpone customization until the customer has placed order finally. Response times tend to be long, because the order has to be transmitted from retailer to the manufacturer and shipping distance are generally longer from the manufacturer’s centralizing site. Order visibility is very important in the context of manufacturer storage, because two stages in the supply chain are involved in every customer order. But a manufacturer storage network is likely to have difficulty handling returns, so that customer satisfaction may be hurt. Because, each order may involve more than one manufacturer.
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