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A short discussion about the Push-Pull view of Supply Chain process


 Introduction: The business terms “Push” and “Pull” originated in the Logistic and Supply Chain Management. Relative to customer demand, supply chain processes are executed, which fall into two broad categories-“Push” and “Pull”. The Push-Pull view of Supply Chain process: The execution of the Supply Chain process is reactive to customer demand. Then, it is under …

Procurement process in supply chain management: Identifying the desired focus

Procurement process image

Introduction: There are some materials, which are used for the production of products. But, some materials and services are used as a support of the main production process. Although, the whole procurement process should consolidate orders to take advantage of economies of scale and quantity discounts. The Process: After completion of supplier selection, contact making, product design etc., a buyer-supplier engages …

The blockchain technology and transportation management


Introduction: The term “Blockchain” is not new. But recently people are more interest about blockchain technology due to popularity of “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency”. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency works with the avail of blockchain technology. Therefore, firstly, we require to ken about “what is cryptocurrency?” and “how does it work?”  Blockchain technology can help the transportation management …

Supply Chain Management and its Drivers:


  Introduction:   There are some supply chain drivers which are responsible for the performance of a supply chain. We need to have a good understanding about supply chain drivers to understand supply chain performance. Absence or weakness of some of the drivers can be an obstacle to the supply chain.    Logistical Drivers:   The …

Understanding Revenue Management in a Supply Chain Management Perspective:


Introduction: Revenue Management is used for differential pricing to better match supply and demand, at the same time, increases supply chain profits. In a more traditional approach, firms aimed to reduce supply /demand imbalance by changing the availability of assets. While revenue management approach in modern supply chain management uses prices as a lever to …

Strategic shipper carrier relationship: Transportation management


Introduction: In a supply chain management, the first decision the shipper need to take, whether they will make transportation in-house or use a third party carrier. Usually, using third party carrier is mostly found. Using a third party carrier arises the question of shipper-carrier relationship management.With globalization, shipments have been increased very much. In this …