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The blockchain technology and transportation management


Introduction: The term “Blockchain” is not new. But recently people are more interest about blockchain technology due to popularity of “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency”. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency works with the avail of blockchain technology. Therefore, firstly, we require to ken about “what is cryptocurrency?” and “how does it work?”  Blockchain technology can help the transportation management …

About the Gold Supply Chain Management: A brief discussion

Gold supply chain

Introduction: The major supply chain challenges in countries with gold mining and gold supply chain are supply of low quality products , unreliable and skeptical lead times , inability of farms to maintain international standard , high transportation and violence by the local communities, fluctuation of international market prices etc. Energy, environmental aegis ascendant entities …

The role of a Supply Chain Manager: A brief discussion


 Introduction:   Sometimes an inevitable question arises about supply chain manager’s role in their respective workplace. In this article, we will try to discuss for a better understanding of this issue. Supply Chain Manager’s engagement:   They are engaged with many facts of the businesses, such as, transportation, storage and distribution of products as well as planning, purchase of raw …