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Muhammad Ikramullah Sayeed is a Certified Supply Chain Manager and Logistics Professional, Writer, Translator,Team Builder, Blogger, and a son and a father. He is working with a multinational group of company, but his blog and views expressed are his own.


Muhammad Ikramullah Sayeed has an extensive professional  experience in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain area in manufacturing and 100% export oriented industry, also in team building and communication related area. His personal website https://www.mikramullahsayeed.wordpress.com/ shed some more light about his personal and professional endeavors.

My Belief

We get in abundance when we give to others without any hope of Expectations. Abundance is created by our creator for all of us.

My Mantra

I would like to be a Man who is grateful to his creator. My physical health He has given to me to be able to live in this world. I would like to be a Man grateful to all the people who live with me. And be grateful for the entire livelihood that is given to me throughout my life.

My Favorite quotation

“Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” – Jose Silva.


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