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Cycle View of a Supply Chain


Designed in Canva Abstract Not only manufacturers and suppliers, but additionally conveyors, retailers, warehouses and customers themselves are included in the supply chain.A typical Supply Chain includes a variety of stages including customers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, component suppliers.Cycle View of…

About International Procurement: Freight Prepaid and related incoterms


Abstract: “Freight Collect” & “Freight Prepaid” are two shipping terms, which indicate whether consignee has the primary liability to the carrier for the shipping charges in a procurement process. EXW, FCA, FOB, FAS etc Incoterms are used for “Freight Collect” shipment. Now, we would like to discuss about incoterms which can be used for different types of “Freight Prepaid” shipments based on Incoterms 2010 published by ICC. Article: Introduction: Transportation is one of the Drivers of Supply Chain. The term Freight denotes transportation charges. The International Commercial terms or INCOTERMS refers to whether the shipper/consignee responsible to pay the freight or transportation charges. The Incoterms: “Freight Collect” &…

Supply Chain Management and its Drivers:


Abstract: The logistical drivers are facilities, inventory, and transportation. Inventory denotes all raw materials, WIP, and finished goods in a supply chain. On the other hand, transportation involves moving inventory from point to point. Information is data about facilities, inventory, transportation, costs, prices…