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Sourcing Decisions and Third Party Supply Chain Management Service Providers

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Abstract: Supplier Scoring is used to rate Supplier performance.Impact on Supply Chain surplus and total cost is the basis of comparison between suppliers.If sourcing process is effective it improves profits for the firm and total supply chain in various ways. A firm may like to keep a supply   chain function  in  the  house if   outsourcing increases the third party power significantly. Firms often like to keep the  supply chain function in the house, if there is a chance to leakage of intellectual property or other sensitive information,  especially when  the third party also serves the competitors also.Since late 1990s the trend of outsourcing a greater range of  supply chain function has been growing.With more globalization of business customers are looking for players, who  can manage virtually all aspects of their Supply Chain, which is being called 4PL.A  4PL is an integrator ,who assembles the supply chain resources, capability and technical areas of its own and other organization to design, build and run comprehensive supply chain solutions. Keywords:Supplier, 3PL,4PL, Sourcing,Supply Chain Management etc. Introduction: Sourcing is the whole set of business processes, which is necessary to buy goods and services required by the Supply Chain. Most important decision…

Supply Chain Management and its Drivers:


Abstract: The logistical drivers are facilities, inventory, and transportation. Inventory denotes all raw materials, WIP, and finished goods in a supply chain. On the other hand, transportation involves moving inventory from point to point. Information is data about facilities, inventory, transportation, costs, prices…

About Logistics: A macro view point


Abstract    Logistical   operational   responsibilities   include   delivery of goods between suppliers, transporters  and company users /customers.  For instance, we can say that in the apparel supply chain of Bangladesh,  we usually see that inbound goods come to manufacturing facility  by the transporters and warehouse assistants  receive the cargo, which is provided according to suitable lot size using suitable containers by sea or by air according to urgency of manufacturing needs to fulfill customer requests. Finished  goods are loaded to containers per customer request in suitable lot sizes, so that buyer can collect and market  the goods in an organized and suitable way.A macro view of logistics Logistical management function may entail  some more steps, i.e., locating potential suppliers, determining their accessibility in terms of business production,  and forming relationships. If the business operation is size-ably voluminous enough to outsource online operation logistics, in that case the business has to sync their platform with the third party partner. As we know, in a supply chain management,  logistics and transportation are intertwined. For  e-commerce companies,  chat-bots  can be employed to avail customers with…