Logistics Companies and Selecting a good Logistic service provider

    Abstract Procurement and logistics include market research, necessary planning, procurement decisions, logistics service provider evaluation, and order control. The main thing in advanced logistics is distribution logistics planning, which includes on-time delivery of products to the end user. Choosing a good logistics service provider is important for any company, whether it is involved in inbound logistics, outbound logistics, […]

A discussion about global supply chain risks management

Abstract Supply Chain managers have to handle the risks that the particular supply chain faces. Some risks emanate from the third party suppliers and logistic provider side, who are engaged to fill up some requisites of the supply chain and consumers. The purpose of this paper is to take a step back and look at what third party risk really […]

Strategic shipper carrier relationship: Transportation management

Introduction: In a supply chain management, the first decision the shipper need to take, whether they will make transportation in-house or use a third party carrier. Usually, using third party carrier is mostly found. Using a third party carrier arises the question of shipper-carrier relationship management.With globalization, shipments have been increased very much. In this perspective, companies need to give […]

A discussion about exporting goods and the global supply chain in general:

Introduction:   In international trade, exports refer to sales of goods and services as they are produced in the home country to export to other markets, which are parts of the global supply Chain. Commercial exports require the involvement of customs authorities by both countries. Amazon, e-bay, DHL etc. internet based companies usually handle comparatively smaller cargo volumes at a time. […]

About Supply Chain Sustainability: A Brief Study

Introduction: While discuss about Supply Chain Management Network Design the business issue of Supply Chain Sustainability is included by high level executives. Supply Chain Sustainability is affecting an organization’s logistic and Supply Chain Network in terms of environment, risk and cost of wastes. This is considered essential to deliver long term profitability instead of monetary cost, speed and value as dominant issue. There is a […]