About Supply Chain Drivers:


A company can improve supply chain performance in terms of responsiveness and efficiency.It is needed to examine the logistical and cross functional drivers to know about Supply Chain performance.

Logistical Drivers are as follows:Facilities, Inventory, Transportation. And following are Cross Functional Drivers: Information,Sourcing,Pricing.

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Supply Chain Drivers:

Facilities are places  where inventory is stored, assembled, or fabricated production sites and storage sites.Inventory are raw materials, WIP, finished goods within a supply chain.Transportation denominates moving inventory from point to point in a supply chain,which may be even combinations of transportation  modes and routes.Information denominates data and analysis regarding inventory, transportation and facilities in the the supply chain as a whole.which may be considered  the biggest driver of supply chain performance.Sourcing denominates functions in  a firm ,which functions  should be outsourced or internally performed.Pricing is  associated with price of goods and services given by a firm to the supply chain.

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