How to be a supply chain manager and what are the roles?



Supply chain managers are crucial in connecting different parts of a business’s supply chain, ensuring the value of the supply chain increases through effective management of supplier support, transportation, and distribution practices. They manage manufacturing and distribution processes, work with procurement managers, buyers, and vendors, negotiate contracts, use software to track goods, use data analytics to forecast demand, cut costs, develop relationships with suppliers and partners, innovate supply chain processes, and stay updated on industry trends. Supply chain management is highly capital-intensive, making it increasingly important for entrepreneurs. Jobs can be in various industries, including manufacturing, government, communication, retail, education, and service sectors. The median annual salary for a senior supply chain manager is about $77,030.

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Sometimes an inevitable question arises about supply chain manager’s role in their respective workplace. In this article, we will try to discuss for a better understanding of this issue. This career reference provides information about supply chain managers, who make sure that production runs well and that shipments arrive on schedule. They reduce expenses and increase efficiency, which aids companies in overcoming logistical obstacles. You can use the intricate supply chain system to your advantage by turning these logistical difficulties into a professional route.

Supply Chain Manager’s engagement


They are engaged with many facts of the businesses, such as, transportation, storage and distribution of products as well as planning, purchase of raw materials etc. They are glue of the organization, which  connects  different parts of their respective supply chain, so that value of their supply chain increases by management of supplier support, transportation and distribution practices, customer communication etc. It is mention able that sc manager’s work is not always same.




Managing and organizing functions involved with acquisition, identifying, production-distribution that a respective company send to the customer’s end is a responsibility of the supply chain manager.  To tell in  further details we can say that responsibilities are a) managing the manufacturing and distribution processes; b) working with procurement managers, buyers, and vendors to source the right materials or products; c)negotiating contracts with suppliers, vendors, contractors, and customers; d) utilizing software to track goods from factory to warehouse; e) using data analytics to forecast demand for inventory, analyze performance of products, and measure against the economy and other factors; f) cutting costs at every level while maintaining quality and meeting sustainability targets; g) developing new and existing relationships with suppliers and partners; h)innovating the supply chain process and efficiency; i) and staying abreast of trends and developments in the sector and technologies.




Acquisition of the raw material is the starting point and delivery of the final goods is briefly called a supply chain management. Communication, negotiation etc. events need to be controlled by a supply chain manager in addition to manufacturing, transportation and warehousing information should be managed well, which are important aspects of this job. These areas of a business are highly capital intensive and due to mainly this reason supply chain management is getting high importance from the entrepreneurs. To become a supply chain manager one may follow a path such as: a)consider earning your bachelor’s degree; b) develop supply chain management skills; c) prepare resume; d) start working as a supply chain analyst; e) get promoted to sc manager etc.


Different Sectors


Supply Chain Manager Jobs are sometime named as Logistics Manager, Inventory management, procurement management etc., while these jobs are available at manufacturing, government and communication industry also. Some retail, education and service sector have also supply chain management job opportunities. Job titles also can be as like as: Operations Manager, Transportation Analyst, Production Planner, Supply Chain Consultant, Buyer and/or Planner, Demand Planner, Inventory Analyst, Procurement Specialist, Purchasing Manager, Production Manager, Head of Supply Chain, Global Account Supply Chain Manager etc. You can expect to earn a median annual salary of $77,030, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as a senior sc manager.



We can say that a job experience along with some supply chain management education can be helpful to accomplish the supply chain management role. Sc managers must have a strong grasp of the supply chain and logistics landscape while also cultivating soft skills to lead teams. Here are some skills that supply chain managers should have: Time management, Logical and systematic approach to planning, Decision-making, Problem-solving, Negotiation, Management skills,Analytical thinking,Communication skills,Leadership, IT literacy etc.


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