Bonded Warehouse and Supply Chain Management issues (Part-2):

Chittagong Port View – Outside view (Above)

The Export Processing Zone:The Chittagong Export Processing Zone is situated in the South Halishahar area of

Chittagong district. This is the main EPZ of total  8 EPZs in Bangladesh.According to

Bangladesh government law of 1980 it started it’s journey at 1983. According to FDI

Magazine of 2010 it is ranking four among the most financially notable EPZs in the

world. BEPZA is the controlling authority of  EPZs of  Bangladesh.


Chittagong Port View 2- Outside View (above)

The Chittagong Port(CPA) :

The Chittagong Port Authority is an  autonomous institution, who are directing and

managing this institution.This is part of shipping ministry and a board consisting one

Chairman and four members are directing it’s activities.

The Chittagong port is within 1 kilometer of the Chittagong Export Processing Zone.

It is controlled by Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority.


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