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What are the objectives of a typical supply chain?

The Objectives of a Supply Chain

There are different parties
involved in a Supply Chain such 
as manufacturer,marketer,suppliers,transporters,warehouses
, retailers,customers
etc. They are directly or indirectly 
involved in fulfillment of  the customer requirement. The 
main objective
is to maximize overall value generated. They 
continually look for sources of revenue and cost.

Supply Chain profit:

The objective of every Supply
Chain is to maximize 
the overall value generated. Value is the difference between
  what the final product is worth to the customer and the 
costs the supply chain incurs in filling the customer’s 
request. Value is strongly correlated with supply chain 
profitability (also known as supply chain surplus).
Supply chain profitability is the total profit to be shared
across all
stages of the supply chain.
Supply Chain Cost:
Supply chain success should be
measured by total supply 
chain profitability, not profits at an individual
Sources of supply chain revenue is the customer.
 Sources of supply chain cost are flows of information, 
products, or funds between stages of the supply chain.   
Supply chain management is the management of
between and among supply chain stages to maximize total 
supply chain



Balancing between effectiveness
and responsiveness 
,building   greener supply chain, are among the long term 
and short term goals of a Supply Chain.
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