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Would like to share a Supply Chain Management (also other events) with you initiated by Mind Mapper:

Upcoming Training – Mind Mapper Bangladesh

These upcoming programs may not directly supply chain Management training. But indirectly, they will enhance the supply chain management no doubt. These programs are such as “Time and Stress Management”, “Effective Negotiation Skills”, “Great people great habits”, “Communication Secrets” etc.
For “Time and Stress Management” the key facilitator is Madhusudan Dutta, who is an International Certified Master Trainer.

The Outlines:

Two things outlined in the above mentioned training program, one is time management and another is stress management. Both are vital point at our official job of any nature. From worker to high level decision makers, all should have at least minimum expertise to manage time and stess.If anyone have lack of these expertise they would be unable to do any work. We usually see that more capable people have both time management and stress management capabilities.
For “Effective Negotiation Skills”, the key facilitator is Ejazur Rahman, MBA,CSCM,AIMM, MD, Mind Mappers Bangladesh, CEO-ISCEA, Bangladesh.We all should have minimum negotiation skills in our life; otherwise, our life would be a hassle. Specially,those who are doing business management or some other area like worker management, they must be good negotiator. To be specialized these kinds of trainings will be good to do negotiating more effectively.
“Great people great habits”,  is a training program for which key facilitator is Madhusudan Dutta, who is an International Certified Master
Trainer. If someone tell us about some good habits and we practice them accordingly,it is helpful to a great extent in our personal and
official or factory life.
“Communication Secrets” key facilitator is Ejazur Rahman, MBA,CSCM,AIMM, MD, Mind Mappers Bangladesh, CEO-ISCEA, Bangladesh.
So far, this is similar to some extent with negotiation skills. Bad or faulty communication can result in opposite direction. This is not good for personal life or an organization. So, we should learn these things properly.


This kind of training may be repeated at intervals, so that more people/employers can take the chance at different areas.


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