A discussion on Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen in the context of manufacturing :

Abstract The popular definition of Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production   System conventionally consists of the following: To solve the quandary of  waste, Lean Manufacturing has The TPS is often used interchangeably with the terms Lean Manufacturing and Lean. Even more importantly, a Lean    process is characterized by Lean and the Toyota  Production System. The main reason of Lean Manufacturing or TPS is every step of manufacturing should be improved. Lean manufacturing involves never ending efforts to eliminate or reduce “Muda“, a Japanese term used to reduce waste, which does not add value to Supply Chain while  make design, manufacturing, distribution and customer service processes    in the respective Supply Chain. Things are visually displayed: For communicating with all sorts of people in the factory /supply chain unit visual displays are used as a great tool in the lean manufacturing process.Some techniques used in Lean Manufacturing to   eliminate errors of  the equipment operator.  Keywords: TPS,Muda,Lean, 5s,Six Sigma etc. Introduction:   Lean manufacturing is a synchronized method with which a supply chain can eradicate waste from its production process. According to customer needs, production process is required to develop, so that produced goods become more valuable product in quality. In contemporary manufacturing many supply […]

The blockchain technology and transportation management

Abstract: In blockchain technology, if we relish to transmute the data of a block, we have to transmute the earlier block with it, or the whole blockchain would be invalid. When others of the blockchain verify the data it will be permanent and the transaction would be completed. Blockchain technology in transportation management ameliorates efficacy because of the technology’s capability […]

A discussion to eradicate misconceptions about Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM)

Abstract GSCM aims to minimize or eliminate wastages including hazardous chemicals, emissions, energy, and solid waste along the supply chain such as product design, material resourcing, manufacturing process, and distribution of final product management business activities can pose a paramount threat to the environment in terms of carbon monoxide emissions, discarded packaging materials, scrapped toxic materials, traffic congestion and other […]

A discussion about exporting goods and the global supply chain in general:

Introduction:   In international trade, exports refer to sales of goods and services as they are produced in the home country to export to other markets, which are parts of the global supply Chain. Commercial exports require the involvement of customs authorities by both countries. Amazon, e-bay, DHL etc. internet based companies usually handle comparatively smaller cargo volumes at a time. […]

Supply Chain education & certification: Highlights on curriculum and other related issues :

Introduction: ISCEA is the world leader in Supply Chain education , certification & different recognition programs e.g. Certified Supply Chain Manager(CSCM), Certified Supply Chain Analyst(CSCA),Post graduate diploma in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM) etc. In this blog article will discuss about CSCM, CSCA & PGDSCM so that those who are interested in Supply Chain Education and certification will get some important […]

Bonded Warehouse and Supply Chain Management issues (Part-2):

Chittagong Port View – Outside view (Above) The Export Processing Zone:The Chittagong Export Processing Zone is situated in the South Halishahar area of Chittagong district. This is the main EPZ of total  8 EPZs in Bangladesh.According to Bangladesh government law of 1980 it started it’s journey at 1983. According to FDI Magazine of 2010 it is ranking four among the […]