Market Access Initiative for the less developed countries (LDC) and related Issues: A Canada perspective (Part-1)

Introduction: There are terms related with Market Access initiative and Canada tariff facility. While third world countries like Bangladesh want to access in Canada market with their exports they need to know well about those terms. The important terms are mentioned below: Beneficiary Country: A beneficiary country is entitled for General Preferential tariff (GPT), LDC or MFN tariff facilities. Certification: Certificate […]

Market Access Initiative for the less developed countries (LDC) and related Issues: A Canada perspective (Part-2)

Introduction: LDCs are countries with poverty, human resource weakness, and economic vulnerability. Which conditions and criteria are reviewed by a UN and Social Council (ECOSOC) committee every three years. In International trade LDCs get some tariff and market access facilities. Canada is also providing some tariff and market access facilities to the LDCs,which includes many third world countries including Bangladesh, a country in the South Asian region. Hope the following narratives […]

About This Blog

Hello ,Supply Chain Management  community, and enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to have you here.  As you know, we call our blog “schain24”. A big reason for this is because this blog will consider to publishing Supply Chain Management related articles, SCM events every day. We are here to help you being informed about top Supply Chain issues and that’s the main […]

About 15th Batch of CSCM

About 15th Batch of CSCM Hello Friends, We would like to inform all of you that 15th Batch of CSCM will going to start . For which participants should be registered within 10th October, 2013. ISCEA Link About CSCM Course Expenditure: Regular price-$1945 Discounted price-$1545.   Course Curriculum: Please see the  image for your kind  information about the Course Curriculum.

About Some Training Programs

Introduction: Would like to share a Supply Chain Management (also other events) with you initiated by Mind Mapper: Upcoming Training – Mind Mapper Bangladesh These upcoming programs may not directly supply chain Management training. But indirectly, they will enhance the supply chain management no doubt. These programs are such as “Time and Stress Management”, “Effective Negotiation Skills”, “Great people great habits”, “Communication Secrets” etc. For “Time and Stress […]

About Supply Chain Sustainability: A Brief Study

Introduction: While discuss about Supply Chain Management Network Design the business issue of Supply Chain Sustainability is included by high level executives. Supply Chain Sustainability is affecting an organization’s logistic and Supply Chain Network in terms of environment, risk and cost of wastes. This is considered essential to deliver long term profitability instead of monetary cost, speed and value as dominant issue. There is a […]

About Supply Chain Management Certification Programs:

Introduction:  According To Some Scholars, Skills/Competencies Of Supply Chain Professionals Are Technical Proficiency In  Some Discrete Areas, Such As, Familiarity With Logistics, Warehousing Equipments, Distribution Centers, Freight Issues Etc. Key Supply Chain Professional’s Skills /Competencies Include Global Orientation, Knowledge About Various Systems, And Leadership Issues. And Superior Business Skills.At The Minimum Level, They Should Have An Understanding Of Business Continuity Basics/Organization’s Business Continuity Approach And Strategy. Roles/Responsibilities […]